Jayanta Sonowal

M. Sc, B.Ed, SLET.
Joined Namrup College on 23 Feb, 2016
He is a curious fellow to learn and make him fit to adapt to the surroundings. He is working hard to make his professional life very dynamic. He always believes in his work and working hard to achieve personal and institutional goals. He has published 9 research papers in the national and international journal, 4 book chapters, one edited book, presented several seminar papers; some other writing in magazines, news paper, etc.
Research Interest:
Currently, he is working as a volunteer worker to develop the wetlands and aquatic plants database in upper Assam. He devotes his time to the promotion of non-conventional cultivation practices i.e. mushroom, hydroponics etc.
Specialized Courses:
Life Sciences (Botany) and specialization in Plant Ecology. Teaching courses - a) Plant Ecology, b) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, c) Genetics and d) Plant Physiology.

Research Publications

1. Sonowal, J. & Baruah, A. (2009). Cypselar Morphology of twelve species of Asteraceae and their  Taxonomic discrimination. J. Swamy Botanical Club, Tiruchirappalli, 26: 15-22, ISSN:  0256-9493

2. Sonowal, J. & Baruah, A. (2010). Foliar epidermis of twenty orchid species from Northeast India with emphasis to their taxonomy. Pleione, West Bengal, India, 4(2): 163-171, ISSN: 0973- 9467

3. Baruah A, Gohain K and Sonowal J. (2010) Plants used in the preparation of Starter culture of Rice-beer by the Ahom, Deori, and Mishing tribes of Dhemaji   District,  Assam.Pleione.    West    Bengal, India,  0973- 9467

4. Baruah A and Sonowal J. (2010). Comparative vegetative anatomy of ‘Blue Venda’ and   ‘Red    Venda’ (Orchidaceae)  Phyotomorphology, India, 60 (1 &2): 39-42, ISSN: 0031-9449

5. Jayanta Sonowal & Akhil Baruah. (2010). Vegetative Anatomy of  Acampe papillosa (Lindl.) Lindl. Orchidaceae, J. Econ. Taxon. Bot.  36(2): 427-430, ISSN: 0250- 9768

6. Jayanta Sonowal and Debajit Baruah (2015). A statistical overview of certain Physicochemical Parameters of Borodoibam Bilmukh Birds’ Sanctuary, an Important  Bird area of Assam (IBA), North East India. Int. J. Int. Sci. Inn. Tech.4(5): 5- 9, ISSN: 2278-1145

7. Jayanta Sonowal and Debajit Baruah (2017). Study of Certain Physicochemical   Properties of Water in Bordoibam Bilmukh Birds’ Sanctuary (IBA), Wetlands of Assam, North-Eastern India. Annals of Biological Research, 2017, 8 (3):24-31, ISSN 0976-1233

8. Jayanta Sonowal, Kaustubh Rakshit, and Debojit Baruah (2018). Study of phytoplankton diversity in relation to physicochemical characteristics of water in  Bordoibam Bilmukh, an  Important Bird Area Site of Assam, Northeast India. International journal of basic and applied research.  8 (11): 131-147. ISSN: 2249-3352 (P) 2278-0505 (E)

9. Jayanta Sonowal, Kaustubh Rakshit, and Debojit Baruah (2020). Analysis of water quality status in Bordoibam Bilmukh wetland ecosystem of Assam, India. Eco. Env. & Cons. 26 (November Suppl. Issue) : 2020; pp. (S127-S134), EM International, ISSN 0971–765X

Writings in magazine/news paper/book chapters

Book Chapters

1. Jayanta Sonowal, Ranjit Dutta and S. K. Sarma, (2015). In:  Biodiversity: Conservation,  Crisis  and Sustainable Use (Proceeding Volume)Aquatic Macrophytes of the  Subansiri River  Ecosystempp 159-175, ISBN 978-81-930-653-2-7

2. Akhil Baruah, Jayanta Sonowal and Khereswar Loying, (2015). In: Medicinal and  Aromatic Plants: Exploration and Utilization. Indigenous Knowledge of Starter  Culture of Rice-Beer Produced by the Missing Tribe of Golaghat and Lakhimpur  of Assam with Reference to other Tribes. EBH Publishers (India). pp 163- 172, ISBN:   978-93-83252-13-2

3. Jayanta Sonowal and Akhil Baruah (2018). Medicinal Importance of Spices and Condiments. In: Ethnobotnay for Human Welfare. Avaishkar Publishers. pp 216 - 244

4. Jayanta Sonowal (2019). ICT-Based Online Teaching- Learning and its Challenges in  Higher Education. Kaustubh Publication, Dibrugarh. pp 37-58 ISBN:  9789382283638

Published Articles

1. Sonowal, J. & Baruah, A. (2010).  Ethnobotany of Rice-Beer Prepared by the Sonowal-  Kachari  tribe of   Dhemanji District, Assam Minor Forest Product (MPF), India, Vol. XIX No. 1: 6-8

2. Sonowal, J. & Baruah, A. (2010). Ethno-medico-botany of Sonowal-Kachari tribe of  Dhemaji district, Assam. Minor Forest Product (MPF), India, Vol. XX  No. 3: 31-33

3. Dr. Akhil Baruah and Jayanta Sonowal,(2011). Oxomor Jonogusthihomuhor Poromporagoto Hura Prastut Korar Boigyanik Bhitti (অসমৰজনগোষ্ঠীসমূহৰ  পৰাম্পৰাগতসুৰাপ্ৰস্তুতকৰাৰবৈজ্ঞানিকভিত্তি), PRANTIK,  1-15 March 2011,  pp  31-333.

4. Jayanta Sonowal,(2015).  Prakritik Robor Kheti aaru Orthonoitik Gurutwa(প্ৰাকৃতিক ৰবৰখেতি আৰু অৰ্থনৈতিক গুৰুত্ব),  Naksha, 4th Year, Vol-19, pp-29-35

5. Jayanta Sonowal, (2017).  Bhimkalor gun (ভীমকলৰগুণ) Published in Assamese popular magazine (Prantik) PRANTIK, 1-15 January, pp 36-37

6. Jayanta Sonowal (2018). Bibhinna rongi aaru bibhinna Gandhi phulbur বিভিন্নৰঙী আৰু  বিভিন্নগন্ধীফুলবোৰ, Published in Assamese popular         magazine (Prantik)     PRANTIK,     16- 31 January, pp 36-37

Papers/Poster Presentation in Seminars/Workshops

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Sl. No.TopicTheme/Sub-themeDate & YearSeminar LevelOrganizing Institute
1Ethnobotany of rice-beer prepared by the ‘Sonowal-Kachari’ of Dhemaji district, AssamBiodiversity research and prospects 12th & 13th Sep 2009NationalDhemaji College
2The Socio-Economic Conditions, Resource Utilization and the Livelihood Patterns of the People Depending on the River SubansiriBiodiversity Conservation11th & 12th Sep 2014NationalNorth Bank College
3The Socio-Economic Conditions, Resource Utilization and the Livelihood Patterns of the People Depending on the River SubansiriBiodiversity Conservation11th & 12th Sep 2014NationalNorth Bank College
4Aquatic macrophytes of the Subansiri river ecosystemBiodiversity: Conservation Crisis & Sustainable Use29th & 30th Sep 2014NationalN. N. Saikia College, Titabar
5A Review of Development of Natural Rubber Plantation Sector and Rural Economy in Northeast India Make in India and Rural North east: The Challenges25th & 26th Feb 2016NationalNIRDPR, NERC, Guwahati
6Certain physicochemical properties of water in relation to phytoplankton diversity of Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird Sanctuary (IBA), Assam, North Eastern India.Current trends of Biological research in Northeast India: Challenges and Prospects29th & 30th June 2016NationalNamrup College
7National rubber plantation: A potential commercial crops for eco-restoration and improvement of Rural Economy in Northeast India.Current trends of Biological research in Northeast India: Challenges and Prospects.29th & 30th June 2016NationalNamrup College
8Natural rubber plantation: A potential sector for the changing of rural livelihood in AssamSocio-economic & Scientific Development in Northeast India: Problems & Prospects/Livelihood challenges in a transforming society27th & 28th October 2017National Arya Vidyapeeth College
9Bio-resources Management & Conservation of Biodiversity in Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird Sanctuary of Assam.Socio-economic & Scientific Development in Northeast India: Problems & Prospects/Resource management and ecological conservation.27th & 28th October 2017NationalArya Vidyapeeth College


Participation in Seminars/Workshops/Webinar

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Sl.Nos. SubjectsDurationInstitute
1Public Speaking and Personality Development02 days (10th & 11th December 2012)NSS Human Resource Centre, NSS Taluk Union, Vaikom, Kerala.
2Capacity building in grant writing skills and effective management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Biotechnology by universities and research institutions in the North East Region

03 days (16th to 18th November 2016)

Organised by:BCIL/ NER-BPMC, New Delhi & Department of Life Sciences, DU 
3Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

29th April 2017

Organized by IQAC, Tingkhong College 

Venue: Conference Hall,

Tingkhong College

412th Annual Conference8th January 2018ACTA DHSK College Teachers’ Unit 
58th Review and mentoring meeting of NER-IBt-Hub Coordinator, Govt. of India11 & 12th April 2018, organized by NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh.


Arunachal Pradesh

6Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at the under Graduate Level6th March 2019IQAC, Naharkatiya College
7Revised assessment and reaccreditation of NAAC 17th August 2019IQAC, Dibrugarh University
8Draft New Education Policy 201926th October 2019IQAC and Office of the Registrar, Dibrugarh University.
9Online Basic Training on Use of ICT20 and 23 April 2020

Teaching Learning Centre,

Tezpur University

10One week Online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on ICT Tools for effective Teaching Learning (ETL)27th April to 2nd May 2020


Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, Maharashtra

11One Day online workshop for “Enhancing Research Communication Skills through Science Direct and Mandeley” with Elsevier3rd May 2020IQAC and School of Education, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra.

Training/Orientation/Refresher Courses

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Sl. Nos.

Name of the Course/Program


DurationPeriodOrganizing Institute
1Orientation Program

Common for all disciplines

4 weeks21st February - 20th March 2018UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University
2Refresher Course

Environmental Studies (Multidisciplinary)

3 weeks3rd  - 18th September 2020UGC-HRDC, Aligarh Muslim University
3Faculty Development Program

Preparation of Self-Learning Materials for University and College Learners

1 week12th to 18th May 2020Dibrugarh University
4Faculty Development Program

Assessment and Evaluation

1 week24th - 29th August 2020TLC, Tezpur University

Extension activities

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Sl. Nos.Name of the activity/programRole playedTheme/event/dayDate and Venue
1Tobacco dayOrganizing SecretaryWorld NO Tobacco Day31st May 2018, Namrup College
2Mushroom cultivationCoordinatorSkill Enhancement 27 – 29 November 2018, Namrup College
3Animal HusbandryCoordinatorSkill Enhancement 8th January 2019, Namrup College
4Innovation and Rejuvenation of Teaching in Higher EducationJt. CoordinatorFDP9-14th February 2019

Book/Edited Book

Innovation and Rejuvenation of Teaching in Higher Education

Joint Editors

                Dr. Nibedita Phukan

                 Jayanta Sonowal