Ms Mouchumi Konwar

M.Sc., M.Phil
Joined Namrup College on 23 Sep, 2002
I am Mouchumi Konwar. I love my students and am very much passionate about teaching. I always try to encourage my students for reaching their goals. I try to be their teacher and mentor both. I am an open-minded person and try to learn different things from others.
Research Interest:
I had done very little research during my one-year MPhil course. It was polymerization of acrylamide by using an Fe complex. Then I started research work on computational chemistry but could not proceed due to personal problems.
Specialized Courses:
Orientation Programme, Guwahati University (11.06.2007 to 08.07.2007) Refresher Courses: 1) Dibrugarh University (17.06.2002-07.07.2002) 2) Guwahati University (14.11.2011 -04.12.2001) 3) Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (19.11.2012 -08.12.2012)

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