Dr Mahinder Singh

M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D
Joined Namrup College on 06 Oct, 1994
I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life also a resourceful and goal driven educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. Currently I am also working as the Coordinator of ODL Study Centre under Dibrugarh University of our college. I am an approved guide of Assam Institute of Advanced Studies an authorized study centre of Vinayaka Mission University, Salem, Tamil Nadu. Under my guidance one student cleared M.Phil.
Research Interest:
Plasma dynamics : Research Publications - (i)
Specialized Courses:
Fluid mechanics

Research publications

(1) Plasma Maser effect in inhomogeneous plasma in the presence of drift wave turbulence,

     Journal : Physics of Plasma, Published by American Institute of Physics (USA), Volume : 12, 102304 (2005),

       Impact Factor : 1.913

(2) Study of Plasma Maser instability in an inhomogeneous plasma. 

    Journal : Physica Scripta, Published by Royal Sweedish Academy of Sciences and Institute of Physics, UK, Volume : 74, 55 (2006). 

    Impact Factor : 1.985

(3) Plasma Maser instability of the ion-acoustics wave in the presence of lower hybrid wave in inhomogeneous plasma.

    Journal : Pramana - Journal of Physics, Published by Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National science Academy , Indian Physics        Academy and co-published by Springer. Volume : 66, No. 3 (2006).  

      Impact Factor : 1.688

(4) Study of Non-linear interaction of waves through Plasma Maser in inhomogeneous in Magnetosphere Plasma.

      Journal : Planetary and Space Science, Published by Elsevier Science, Netherlands, Volume : 55, Issue 4 (2007).

       Impact Factor : 1.820

(5)Plasma Maser effect in inhomogeneous plasma.

     Journal : Chintan - Bikshan, Published by Dibrugarh zone of all Assam College Teacher's Association, Dibrugarh , Asaam. Volume 1, January (2007).

(6) Role of Drift wave turbulence in amplification of high frequency waves in inhomogeneous Plasma

     Journal : International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research, Volume : 3 Issue 10 - 2015 , ISSN : 2393 - 8870 

     Impact Factor  : 3.565 (2015).

(7) Amplification of high frequency wave through nonlinear wave particle interaction with drift wave turbulence in an inhomogeneous plasma.

     Journal : International Journal of Engineering Science Invention, Volume : 5 Issue 9 September 2016) ISSN 2319-6734 

      Impact Factor : 5.962

(8) Plasma Maser instability of the electromagnetic radiation in the presence of electrostatic drift wave turbulence in inhomogeneous plasma.

    Journal : International Journal of Engineering Research and and Application, Volume :6, Issue 10 (Part -2) October 2016 ISSN 2248-9622,

     Impact Factor : 1.69