Ms Dorodi Saikia Bora

MSc, M.Phil
Joined Namrup College on 14 Jul, 1992
A firm believer of the fact that being a teacher comes with responsibility. Teaching has been a profession as well as a passion. I have tried to impart my gained knowledge to my students to the best of my abilities. Being a women I have strongly believed in women empowerment. I have been part of the women’s cell of the college which has successfully organized various programs for the upliftment of women. As a nature lover I have also been a part of “Green Life Society” of our Department.
Research Interest:
Environmental Issues, Toxicology.
Specialized Courses:
Zoology with specialization in Animal Physiology and Biochemistry. Teaching Courses: Physiology, Endocrinology, Embryology, Immunology.


Published in “Biolife’ 2(4):1332-1338, 2014, an International Quarterly Journal of Biology and Life Sciences entitled “Prospects of Ecotourism in Jeypur Rain Forest of Assam, India.”


  • “Prospects of Community Tourism and Women Empowerment in and around Joypur Rainforest.” – Published in “Prangan” a collection of articles on various aspects published by Women Studies and Development Cell, Namrup College in 2013.
  • “ Jaibobasitra sanrakhonot nareer bhumika” Published in “Dharitri”  a collection of articles on various aspects ,published by Women Studies and Development Cell, Namrup College in 2020.
  • “Joypur Rainforest: the tug of war between rural poverty and conservation”- published in the “ Rhino”, volume xvi, September 2010. (Annual Mouthpiece of Kairanga Wildlife Society.)
  • “Dillighat” –Published in “The Rhino”,volume xvii, September 2011.
  • “ Pakhilahi Pokhila” –Published in Kunhi, volume ii 2015. (Children Magaine, published by Axom Sahitya Sabha)
  • “ Mokorar Botora” – Published in Kunhi, volume iii, 2016.
  • “Barsharanya”- Published in “Kunhi”, volume iv 2016. (Children Magaine, published by Axom Sahitya Sabha)
  • “Sishu aru Poribesh sanrakhon” published in Kunhi, volume v, 2017.



  • Completed UGC sponsored National workshop on “ Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education” organized by Namrup College, Namrup from 3rd to 7th February, 2009.

  • Completed MHRD sponsored Short term Training programme on Innovation and Rejuvenation Of Teaching in Higher Education conducted during 9th to 14th February, 2019, organized by Namrup College, Assam in collaboration with Teaching Learning Centre, Tezpur University, Assam.

  • State level Workshop on “Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy In Present Scenario” organized by UGC approved Gandhian Study Centre, Namrup College, Assam held in 21st March 2015.

  • Participated Workshop on Choice Based Credit System organized by IQAC Tinkhong College, Dist- Dibrugarh, Assam on 29th April, 2017.

  • Participated Zonal Symposium on Academic Performance Indicator (API) organized by Namrup College Teachers’ Unit in association with Dibrugarh one ACTA on 24th January, 2012 at Namrup College.

  • Participated UGC funded Zonal Symposium on “ Role of Women’s cells in colleges towards oppressed women in society” organized by Women’s Studies and Development cell, Namrup college on 5th May,2012 at Namrup College.

Webiner: National/International

  • Participated in International Webinar on “ Anthropogenic Impact on Environment” organized by the Department of Zoology, Diphu Govt. College, on 18/06/2020.
  • Participated in International Webinar on “Health Perspectives in 2020” organized by Govt. College for Women, Lakhan Majra, Rohtak, Haryana. 07/06/2020
  • Participated in International Webinar on “ Quarntine and Students: Friend or Foe ?” organized by Margherita College, Assam, on 07/07/2020.
  • Participated in International Webinar on Emerging Economics in Global Environmental Politics: Situating India, Organized by Handique Girls’ College in collaboration with Assam College Librarians’ Association, on 24/06/2020.
  • Participated in National Webinar on Mental Health of Student Community During the Pandemic, organized by Suren Das College, Hajo on 04/07/2020.
  • Participated in National Webinar on “ An Introduction to Digital Tools for Teaching-Learning-Assessment”, organized by Assam College Teachers’  on 09/06/2020. 
  • Participated in National Webinar on “Environment Concerns: Problems and Prospective Solutions” organized by Barnagar College, Sorbhog, Assam, on 29th and 30th June 2020.
  • Participated National Webinar on “Intellectual Property    Rights” organized by Namrup College on 8th August, 2020.



  • Presentation of paper in the National Seminar under DRS-SAP of the UGC entitled “Socio-Economic Status of the Tribes of North East India” organized by Department of Economics, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh,Assam.

  • Presentation of paper entitled “ Assessment of Water quality of Dilli river water and study on the effects of polluted water of it on some fish Sps. in the National seminar on “Environmental Issues in North East India :Past, present and challenges ahead, organized by Gargaon College, Simaluguri, Sibsagar,held on 10th 11th May 2008.

  • Presentation of paper entitled “Impact of fertilizer plant effluent on water quality” at UGC sponsored National seminar on “sustainable management and conservation Of environment”, organized by Moran College ,held on 3rd and 4th June 2010.

  • Presentation of paper entitled “Study of HIV/AIDS awareness among the students of Namrup area at UGC sponsored National seminar on population explosion and development in India with reference to N.E. Region, organized by Doom Dooma College from Aug 27th to 28th.2010.

  • Presentation of paper entitled “Exploitation of Medicinal plants and its impact on Biodiversity –A case study in the UGC sponsored National seminar on “Recent trends in traditional phytotherapy : Safety, Efficacy, Drug discovery and Priority Issues, organized by Namrup College ,Namrup, held on2nd and 3rd Dec.2010.


  • Presentation of paper entitled “Prospects of Ecotourism in Jeypure Rainforest in the Intrenational Seminar on “Road Map for Development of Tourism in North-East India” organized by Purbanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha and Co-organised by Namrup College and Sibsagar Girls’ College ,Assam .held on 11th and 12th Dec.2010.

  • Presentation of paper entitled “A Comparative study of present status of Dilli River resources between the polluted and non-polluted area of Dibrugarh District of Assam in the International Seminar on River, Society and Sustainable Development organized by Dibrugarh University. Assam. From 26th to 29th May 2011.


1. O/c at Academic Staff College, JNU ,New Delhi, from 22nd July to 16th Aug.1996.

2. R/c at Academic Staff College, JNU, New Delhi. From 16th march to 10th April, 1998

3. R/C at Deptt. of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University from 28th Sept. to 18th Oct.2001.

4. R/C at Academic Staff College, Guwahati University from 23rd Dec, to 12th Jan 2008.

5. Short term course at Academic Staff College, Guwahati University from 12th July to 17th July, 2011.


  • Life Member of Axom Sahitya Sabha.
  • Adviser of Green life Society, Deptt. of Zoology, Namrup College.
  • Director of Women Studies and Development Cell, Namrup College, From       2013       to 2015.                      .
  • President, Convener of different committees of Namrup College, e,g Examination committee, Routine Committee.
  • Women’s Hostel Management Committee, Academic Committee etc.
  • Member of Socio-cultural Development center, Namrup College.
  • Member of Governing body of Namrup College as teacher representative in 2017-18.


  • Supervising Officer of Higher Secondary Final Examination conducted by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council in 2018, 2019 and 2020.
  • Assistant Officer In-charge of various B.A/ B.Sc examinations of Dibrugarh University.
  • Scrutinizer of B.Sc exam of Dibrugarh University.
  • Answer Script evaluator of B.Sc. examination of Dibrugarh University.
  • External examiner of B.Sc. Practical exam held under Dibrugarh University.
  • Internal examiner of B.Sc. Practical exam held under Dibrugarh University.
  • President of Namrup College Teachers Unit for two sessions.

Social Work:

  • Awareness programme on environment related issue. E.g. Campaign against use of Polythene,
  • Sapling plantation, Conservation of Biodiversity, Pollution, AIDS etc,
  • Organized three months Certificate Course on” Cutting Tailoring and Embroidery’ training programme for economically weak women of the neighboring area of the college.
  • Organized three months certificate course on “Maintenance of electrical and electronic appliances”. 
  • Participated in health camp organized by Women Studies and Development Cell, Namrup College at neighboring Schools.

Popular Talk :

  1. Covid -19 and Environment.
  2. Yoga
  3. Impact of women on Children. (Patanjali Yoga Samiti, Namrup)